Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello all this is Michelle the "Chocolate Apple" bloggist (made up word...possibly) while you have not heard from me in what feels like decades that will all change soon. I'm sure I have lost some readers, gained some and then once they saw that I did not update a post lost a reader again. Im here to announce that the Chocolate Apple will be getting a facelift and will be "reborn" in a literary sense. my passion is writing. I Just can't help it. While I am facing personal challenges in my life my un-dying love will always no matter what be for writing and for my blog, my baby who made its debut in 2005 The Chocolate Apple. This blog has gotten me writing gigs and has inspired me to endeaver new heights and back. and it will continue to do so now and forever until I cannot write anymore or think of another word, phrase or story to conjure up. It makes me happy to write in my journal, notepad and blog. Its truely my passion. sometimes I try to pass it off as nothing or that it was just a phase, but thats not the case at all. Yes this is a hobby as well but I look at it more like my livelihood. although i've never made a buck from this. It doesn't matter it makes me happy so on that note I'll see Cyber-space and the Blogosphere very soon!!

The Chocolate Apple

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Second blog!!

What's up guys!? so sorry I haven't been putting up posts lately but i've been bouncing around from place to place. Not easy on a soon to be single mother. But I assure you more posts will be coming. I know I say this all the time when I don't post for a while, but once my life becomes stable and set in one place their will not be a long shortage of blogs missing. I also wanted to annouce that in honor of single mother's every where and to my little princess I have created a second blog called Momma's Little Princess! everyone who's anyone is invited to check out my blog.Please take note to the last few lines about no negativity or bashing the blog. As my blog becomes more established there will be tons of things for you to read about and voice your opinions on. I am also open to suggestions, ideas and anything else that would be a nice additive to the blog. Before I go I would like to introduce to you my friend's blog she's a shoe and hand bag freak and she loves those urban novels! Her blog is so deliciously cute! And here is mine!! lol

*The Chocolate Apple*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poor Tyra!!

I'm definitely going to have to give these make-up artists, their props for making celebs look so flawless and fabulous. It truly is art. This pic of Tyra Banks made my mouth drop literally. She looks so tired and worn out and .....and ........... haggish. I didn't want to say it. And not to get it confused I am not a Tyra hater, I do like her. But this just shows how hard we as women work, whether were famous or not. This is what hard work, long and excruciating hours every day gets you. Bags, sleepy eyes, crows feet, premature grey hair. The works. Which is why it's always important for us as women whether famous, career or stay at home to take a day or two off for ourselves. Pamper ourselves treat ourselves to something nice every once in a while. But then again we are only human so were not perfect in any sense. I'm pretty sure I'll be looking like that after I drop my Giselle Belle. Anyway much love to Tyra. Gotta go!

*Chocolate Apple*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Barbie turned 50!

Remember being a little girl, playing with your Barbie dolls? Trading clothes and accessories? Or just collecting them and being very overprotective of them? I do, I remember my mother scolding me for loosing pieces that came along with my Barbie doll. After I'd begged for it and promised I'd keep it up. Well as of March 9, 2009 Barbie has turned 50 years old! The Barbie legacy continues and now my little princess will have her Barbie collection building up in the future. Click the title above to see the report on Barbie turning 50.

*Chocolate Apple*

Friday, March 6, 2009

My opinion on the situation...

The belly's gettin bigger, and my due date is getting closer. Whoo! You know I'm coming up here to state my opinion on the Chris and Rihanna situation. I was on some message boards and things and it's really getting blown out of preportion now. Like every five minutes some one has a new update or story on what's going on in court or what was supposedly the reason Chris attacked Rihanna. But what disturbs me the most is what some of these little girl's are thinking. Some of them are speaking intellegently and on the other hand some of them are speaking as if they haven't had that mother daughter talk,about all the things mother's should talk about with their daughters about. Or on the other hand they are forming their own opinions. What people need to realize and mostly the young girls out there and young guys, a celeb has to keep up their "star image" in front of the camera, thats why so many of them "seem" sweet or nice or what have you, then there is the "REAL" personality behind the camera's and the public. The personality we don't see unless we were to know them personally. You CAN NOT under no cirsumstance judge a celeb by their appearance in front of a camera. Make sense? I've seen a lot of posts and message board posts saying things like "Chris is so sweet" or "Chris is not even that type of person" and worst "Rihanna get's what she deserves" So not cool!, question: do you know these people personally? And saying you know some one, thats knows some one who knows them does not count. I don't care what Rihanna did to provoke Chris, whether she did or didn't, he still has no right to put his hands on her. She is a woman, a female and it makes him look bad to do such a thing. Now if Rihanna took him back, well thats just a lesson she's going to have to learn on her own. Some rumors are that they could be married or she may be prego, I pray thier not married. And even if she is prego with his child she can still get away, especially if they are not married. That's if she chooses to leave. The situation can be a tad different when your married for the fact their's the divorce you have to go through. Who gets the house and who leaves? Are their kids involved? Do you get sole custody or joint custody? Who get's the material possessions? By them being just boyfriend and girl friend, if they are. She can take her baby( If their is one on the way) and go on about her business. She certainly has the money to do so. The house I hear they have together, that can be sold. Those kids got money they can afford to move somewhere else.Were all tired of the media and people talking about it, but folks the Media is still talking about it so people will continue to talk about it. Right now in the media's opinion this is the juiciest story out, so they have to keep gossiping about it and bringing up more questions to keep it going until all the juice it out, and the story has dried up. Then they'll move on to something else. Well thats my opinion, and I will not post another one on this matter and topic. I just hope thtat both of them get some help.

*Chocolate Apple*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Genetic Nonsense!!

Click on the titled link above to watch the video "Building a perfect baby". I would like to know your thoughts about this video. Personally in my opinion I think it's bogus and I see it causing a lot of problems in the future, especially with innocent babies. Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg has made it so now, not only can couples choose the gender of their child but they will also be able to select the physical traits of the child. This in my opinion is not a smart idea. It's bad enough we have people out here that dislike themselves, they are not happy with the way they look, they are not happy with their natural skin color, you have people in races that wish they were another race. Letting couples choose what they want their baby to look like is a bunch of nonsense. You are unique because of who you are and what you come from. Not what your "Customized" from if you get what i'm saying. With all the problems in the world we don't need another one. I just can't see in anyway possible how this would help. It's not going to change any self-esteem or self-issue problems that one may be facing with their-selves. You learn to except your child's traits and gender be happy about your baby. Taking the risk of changing your child before you even know how it may turn out to look originallly is crazy, and on top of that it's not even a 100% percent chance! so if your baby comes out with one blue eye and one purple eye or you wanted blonde hair for this one but got black hair instead? I wouldn't take that risk.

*Chocolate Apple*

Friday, February 27, 2009

Shiny, Bouncy Big and Fresh!

Now that i'm pregnant I can have forgetful and late tendencies. The belly is getting bigger and the kicks are definitely getting harder, sometimes I wonder what she's in there doing...... So my friend and I went to the mall these past couple days, and her mother and I went into Sephora. I used to go into Sephora all the time when I was in New York. It was so fun just to dabble in eyeshadows, face cleansers and such. Oh I just miss the city atmosphere! My Giselle bell and I must take a trip, when she gets old enough of course. But any way we were browsing and came across Carol's Daughters a botanical line of beauty products for African American women and anyone who just loves the line period. So you know how you go into the store and start playing with the products? we started putting the lotions and things on us and then my friend's mother started to put the Tui Hair Oil by Carol's Daughters in her hair and It smelled so good. So I told her to put some of it in mine. My hair was looking kind of dull at first the shine came instantly not only that the smell was just delicious and my hair was so soft, And it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals! Now were addicted and going to pick up some asap! This is not my first time learning or hearing of Carol's Daughters, but that was my first time trying the product. And it won't be my last! Carol's Daughters Tui hair Oil 2oz. 8$, 8oz. 18$
*Chocolate Apple*